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Testimonials and Reviews

Sharon Saunders

What an amazing night from start to finish, and I am still buzzing! On arrival by the main entrance, a staff member wearing a mask removed it as soon as he knew that I was Deaf. After checking our tickets, he signed ‘follow me’ in British Sign Language when we asked where the lounge was. He then asked us if we had seen Mamma Mia before in sign language. After commenting on his effort into signing, he said that Daryl taught the team signs relating to the show. I was really impressed with that because it made a difference and really made me feel included.

As for Daryl interpreting the show, I can keep it short, saying he was absolutely phenomenal, which says enough. BUT I have to go further with my feedback on why I think this. Daryl created sign names for each character at the start, which is brilliant and what is needed for a deaf audience and part of BSL culture. He was so engaging to watch; I felt completely connected to the whole show right till the end. Thank you again, Daryl, for all your hard work and time preparing for this show.

I look forward to watching you again.

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