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We understand that acquiring and then maintaining a job, whether that be full time or part time can be difficult. Here at Complete Communication we aim to work with our clients to support them on their employment journey and provide them with a high-quality service whilst in employment.

What is Access to Work?

Aimed at supporting deaf and disabled people to take up and remain in work, Access to Work (ATW) is a government programme that offers support based on your needs, which may include a grant to help cover costs of practical support in the workplace. 

Types of support available

Examples of the kind of help available through us are:

  • Communication support
  • British Sign Language/English interpreter
  • Lipspeakers
  • Notetakers
  • Readers
  • A support worker
  • Job coach
  • Deaf Awareness training for your colleagues
  • Disability awareness training for your colleagues

If the support you have been allocated isn’t listed here, do still get in touch as we may still be able to help.

Access to Work provides personalised support to deaf and disabled people who are:

  • in paid employment
  • about to start or return to a job.
  • self-employed
  • apprentices
  • trainees
  • supported interns
  • doing self-directed work experience
  • on Jobcentre plus promoted work trials
  • going to a job interview

Who can get help?

To be eligible for help from Access to Work you must: 

  • have a disability, long-term health condition or a mental health condition that makes it difficult for you to complete your tasks at work
  • be aged 16 or over
  • live in England, Scotland or Wales – The system in Northern Ireland is different

About the support

All support available is offered by Access to Work based on your needs after an application has been finished and a workplace assessment is completed. 

Here at Complete Communication we are able to provide a variety of services to those in receipt of an Access to Work grant. Whether you have been in the role for a while, or just starting a new job we are able to help. 

What’s next?

If you believe that you are in need of support within your workplace that isn’t covered by reasonable adjustments from your employer, you will firstly need to apply to Access to Work. This can be done in several ways: 

  • Online – https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work/apply
  • Telephone – 0800 121 7479
  • Textphone – 0800 121 7579
  • Text relay – 18001 then 0800 121 7479
  • British Sign Language (BSL) video relay service (More information available at link above)

What to expect from us

  • Once we have received your initial contact, we’ll be in touch within one working day to take some additional information.
  • We’ll discuss with you the type of support you have been recommended and will let you know within three working days whether it is something that we are able to facilitate.
  • Once support has been confirmed, we will support you throughout your employment and ATW journey to make the process as smooth as possible.

Do you need support applying for Access To Work?

If you feel like you will benefit from Access To Work support, but are unsure where to start with the application process, we are able to help!

Our team of experts are able to help you through the entire application process, from start to finish. Over the past 18 months, our team has supported numerous people through their applications, achieving a 100% success rate in getting the support granted.

We offer a free one-hour consultation, whereby a member of the team can meet with you virtually and talk you through the entire process providing advice and guidance on receiving support through the Access to Work scheme, help you through the application process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We understand this can be a daunting and stressful process – so we are here to alleviate this for you.

Following the consultation, the team will then be at hand for you to get in touch with us throughout the entire process.

To book your consultation, please contact the team at contactus@completecommsltd.com.


Natasha Stone

Complete Communication are absolutely fantastic! I started my new remote job in November 2020 and contacted Complete Communication to see if they could provide me with a notetaker for my group meetings. They have done so much more than just that! They have supported me throughout my Access to Work application and are very knowledgeable about the process. They are always willing to adapt their notetaking style to suit my needs. They have also provided me with palantypist and lip-speaking support, which was brilliant. Emails are responded to very quickly and they are always so friendly! I’m so impressed by their service and am so grateful for their support with my remote working. I highly recommend Complete Communication! Thank you so much Daryl and Rhiannon!


Having an interpreter from Complete Communication has enabled me to be able to access training and have meeting with my manager and team. I feel more included, and I understand what is happening in my workplace.

Supported Living Client

The whole team have been amazing from the start. They have guided me expertly through the complicated process and arranged support very quickly as soon as it was confirmed. So much care was taken to match me up with two support workers who had the exact skills and experience that was needed, as well as people who they knew I would get along well with too. I have felt so much relief from working with my support workers, who have helped me with an overwhelming backlog of tasks that I couldn’t complete due to my physical disability. Working with these wonderful people makes the workday an absolute pleasure and we have so many laughs together. My quality of life and self-esteem has improved tenfold already, in just the first month! I highly recommend contacting this company – they make everything so easy.

Thank you!

Some of our amazing clients include

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