Student Support

At Complete Communication, student support is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service to each student to ensure the support meets their individual needs.

We provide high quality support workers to students with disabilities, health conditions or additional learning needs nationwide. 

We provide support all over the United Kingdom, with students as far down as Penzance and as far up as Edinburgh.

Our students can expect to receive:

 An experienced DSA provider

 Streamlined registration

 Tailored and adaptable support

 Student portal/app and electronic timesheets

 Quick allocation of support

 Knowledgeable, helpful and experienced support team

 Student led support and allocation

 Highly skilled support professionals

 Flexible face-to-face, remote support and out-of-hours support

Universities can be assured we provide:

 Highly skilled and qualified support professionals

 Comprehensive advice and support provided to assessors

 Flexible and tailored student support

 Complementary HEP Support Services

 Highly experienced and knowledgeable student support team

 A dedicated support professional portal

 A far-reaching team of support professionals across the United Kingdom

 We provide in-house accredited training, and all of our team are all qualified in at least one of the support roles we offer, meaning we work very closely with our students

Student support offered via DSA:

  • Library Support Assistant
  • Reader​
  • ​Scribe
  • Workshop/Laboratory Assistant
  • Sighted Guide
  • Proof Reader/Text Checker
  • Study Assistants
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  • Exam Support Worker
  • Mobility Trainer
  • Manual Notetaker
  • Specialist Notetaker (Deaf/Hard of Hearing students) including Electronic NoteTaker
  • Specialist Notetaker for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students – Respeaking
  • Specialist Notetaker (VI Students) – including Braille
  • Specialist Notetaker for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students – Speech to Text Reporter (STTR)
  • Specialist Transcription Service
  • Communication Support Worker (CSW)
  • Communication Support Worker with British Sign Language Users (CSW-BSL)
  • Lipspeakers
  • BSL/English Interpreter – Includes Interpreter for the Deaf or Deafblind People
  • Specialist Mentor – Mental Health Difficulties (MH)
  • Specialist Mentor – Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Specialist one-to-one Study skills and strategy – Specific learning disability (spLD)
  • Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support – Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Assistive Technology Trainers (AST)
  • Specialist Support Professionals for Deaf Students (HI)
  • Specialist Support Professional for students with Vision Impairment (VI)
  • Specialist Support Professional for students with Multi-sensory impairment (MSI)

Statistics from Support Professional Questionnaire:

*Support professionals who responded to our survey and agreed or strongly agreed in July 2021


Friendly greeting staff


Responding to queries


Meeting expectations


Matching bookings
with skill set


Staff role’s competency


Satisfied with our services


Continuing to work with us

  • Friendly greeting staff 100% 100%
  • Responding to queries 100% 100%
  • Meeting expectations 92% 92%
  • Matching bookings with skill set 100% 100%
  • Staff role’s competency 100% 100%
  • Satisfied with our services 96% 96%
  • Continuing to work with us 96% 96%


Jeni Steatham – Specialist Mentor (ASC)

My first year working with Complete Communication has been enjoyable. Although I have not met any of staff face-to-face, I feel a part of the team and feel comfortable contacting them with any questions or when issues arise and my concerns a dealt with quickly. I look forward to continuing working with them.’ 

Natalie MacWilliam – Electronic Notetaker

I was very happy with accommodations made for my health over the last year that allowed me to work whilst maintaining my health. Being able to work mostly in the evenings really helped me.’

Rachael Davies – BSL/English Interpreter

I will always praise this company for how quickly they respond to emails. The issue is with agencies in my local area is that they either don’t reply quick enough or not at all! I’ve never had this issue with Complete Communication. 10/10 for me! Well done guys.’ 

Trish Wright – BSL/English Interpreter

An excellent agency! The staff always have time to deal with queries. I have always been paid on time, and I feel confident that any issues, which are very rare, are sorted promptly and in a professional manner. I really enjoy working alongside this company.’

Sula Gleeson – BSL/English Interpreter

I’ve really only had one job (repeated, with same client) but for this, CC have been wonderful, especially when there was a little ‘hiccup’ on the first day – they seemed to ‘run around’ (figuratively speaking!) to get everything sorted asap. Lovely people!!’

Statistics from Client Satisfaction Questionnaire:

*Clients who responded to our survey and agreed or strongly agreed in July 2021


Friendly greeting staff


Receive high-quality


Our team are happy to


Meeting expectations


Appropriate for the price


Willing to tailor
our services


Confident we fill
all sessions


Staff are competent


Allocated the appropriate
support professional


Responding to queries
in a timely manner


Client’s satisfaction with us


Clients will continue
using us

  • Friendly staff 100% 100%
  • Receive high-quality service 100% 100%
  • Our team are happy to respond 100% 100%
  • Meeting expectations 100% 100%
  • Appropriate for the price 100% 100%
  • Willing to tailor our services 100% 100%
  • Confident we fill all sessions 100% 100%
  • Staff are competent 100% 100%
  • Allocated the appropriate support professional 100% 100%
  • Responding to queries in a timely manner 100% 100%
  • Client’s satisfaction with us 100% 100%
  • Clients will continue using us 90.9% 90.9%


Mathilda Warner – Fine Art Student who receives Electronic Notetaking Support

Complete Communications have provided outstanding support during my first year of my degree course. I very much look forward to working with them from September onwards when I return to college.’

Faye Bullingham - Practice Counselling and Integrative Theory Student who receives Electronic Notetaking Support

Having this support has been so good enabling me to access information. They have really tailored their support for me and i am very grateful. They are also very timely with their work. Thank you and keep up the good work.’

Natasha Stones – Access To Work Client who receives Electronic Notetaking and Speech-To-Text Reporting Support

Excellent support all across the board!’

Esther Bromley – Sport, Coaching, Health and Fitness Student who received Support from a Specialist Support Professional for Students with a Visual Impairment

‘It was a fantastic help during the course of my foundation degree. I really felt that the support professional did an amazing job, supporting me with my assignments, thank you!!’

Matt Sutton – Early Childhood Studies Student who receives Electronic Notetaking Support and support from a Specialist Support Professional for Deaf Students

Above and beyond my expectations, since I first acquired receiving support in September 2019. Very commendable, and highly recommended.’

Faye Bullingham – Student at Coventry Univeristy

“I really want to thank you for all the support and care you have given to me while I have been at CU Coventry. You have really supported me with the notes and when I was having difficulties with getting access to the audios you made me feel I wasn’t alone. This was a huge thing as I have been mainly working online so quite isolating. You also spoke with the university and helped me get support. You were all very kind, whenever I emailed you I always had a response. The support you have provided me has been amazing and really helped me.”

We are proud to be members of

Our support offering

Through providing a bespoke support provision for our students, we can tailor our support to their needs. With this, we can offer face-to-face and remote support based on their preferences.

2020-2021 has proven to be a year of adjustments for the world, along with our students. Most of our students have received remote support, via Zoom, Teams or alternative platforms during this time and look to continue this way for the 2021-2022 academic year. Be assured however, that we are in regular contact with all our students to ensure that their support preferences are put first.

Some of the support team

Rhiannon Squance - Head of Notetaking

Rhiannon Squance - Head of Notetaking

Director, Electronic and Manual Notetaker

Daryl McMullan - Managing Director

Daryl McMullan - Managing Director

Qualified BSL/English Interpreter, Lipspeaker, Electronic Notetaker

Siobhan England

Siobhan England

Business Support Administrator

What our support professionals think about us

University Testimonials

Electronic notetaker (Anonymous)

Working with Complete Communication and the team is such a breeze! They are extremely knowledgeable and always put the students and support professionals first!

I look forward to working with them going forward into the future to improve the standards of higher education support.

Rachael Davies (CSW and TSLI)

“(Students name) is lovely to work with, and this has been a great opportunity!

It has been a breeze working with your company as the commutation between you, and it has been fantastic. You’re doing a great job, and this is by far the best company I have liaised with as there haven’t been any issues…. which is amazing!! 

I always think that it is highly important to praise a good company as they are rare to find within this industry.

I’m looking definitely be interested in working with you all again”.

Katherine Hunt (Assistive Technology Trainer)

“Complete communication are a friendly,  professional, well organised company who care about giving the best support they can to their clients”

Susan Lorrimer - Electronic Notetaker and Specialist Mentor (Autism)

“I started working as a freelancer for Complete Communications in September 2020 and have found them to be a great agency to work for, very supportive and very quick to answer any questions or to give advice”

Lisa Kelly, Electronic Notetaker

“Complete Communication is a friendly agency. I feel well supported by good communication, and payment is always prompt.”

Patricia Wright, BSL/English Interpreter

“It is a pleasure working with the agency and I know I can always seek advice when needed. Thank you for all the support.”

Natalie MacWilliams – Electronic Notetaker

“Complete Communication are a joy to work with and I would recommend them to any freelancer in this field. Everyone is so friendly and are very helpful and accommodating.”

Anonymous - experienced captioner

“I have found Complete Communication Limited to be both professional and supportive to me as an ENT, particularly at the beginning of term when trying to navigate online access to lectures, tutorials, blackboard etc when they liaised with the university teaching and IT departments on my behalf.  They respond in a timely fashion to emails, usually within the hour – and their timesheet logging system, is very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

Rachel Roberts - BSL/English Interpreter and Electronic Notetaker

“The staff at Complete Communication LTD are very friendly, always responsive and helpful – one of the best teams to work for! “

Sally Reynolds – Specialist Support Professional for deaf students

“I have found Complete Communication extremely friendly and very reliable to work with. They always pay on time too!”

BSL/English Interpreter and Electronic Notetaker

“Holly possesses clear communication between myself as a customer and is patient when dealing with a query that I have, taking the time to make sure I am satisfied. She also shows flexibility during correspondence whether that be via email or phone call conversation.”

Sula Gleeson, Registered BSL/English Interpreter

“I’ve really only had one job (repeated, with same client) but for this, CC have been wonderful, especially when there was a little ‘hiccup’ on the first day – they seemed to ‘run around’ (figuratively speaking!) to get everything sorted asap. Lovely people!!”

Jeni Steatham, Specialist Mentor (ASC)

“My first year working with Complete Communication has been enjoyable. Although I have not met any of staff face-to-face, I feel a part of the team and feel comfortable contacting them with any questions or when issues arise and my concerns a dealt with quickly. I look forward to continuing working with them.”

Martyn Brown, Disability and Dyslexia Advisor at London Metropolitan University

“Complete Communications are a unique company which has provided a high-quality of BSL Interpretation and Specalist Notetaking support to our students while ensuring that the individual needs of each student are met and shaped around the requirements of them and our institution. They have worked flexibly with us to provide support both on site and remotely as required by the ever-changing national picture during Covid-19.”

Birkbeck University of London

“Birkbeck has used Complete Communication over the past year and are very happy with the quality of service that they have provided.”

Paul Guyver - Senior Disability and Dyslexia Advisor

“At London Metropolitan University our aim is to empower disabled students to fulfill their academic potential by removing barriers to learning and implementing a package of support that takes into account the needs of individuals. The team at Complete Communication Ltd has worked with a number of London Met students, providing bespoke and professional support that is consistent with our service aims. The focus on the individual is particularly appreciated, it has been a pleasure to work with Complete Communications Ltd.”

Dave Bignell – Birmingham City University

“Please pass on my thanks to your in-house interpreter. She was absolutely fantastic. She went above and beyond and even helped me out with a few other areas etc. I am so grateful to both the company and the interpreter. The service has been superb.”

Student wellbeing

We know that University life can be an exciting and challenging at times for students in different ways. 2020-2021 has proven to bring its own challenges, with COVID-19 creating additional, unforeseen challenges which can make remaining in education and managing day-to-day life a struggle for some.

This is shown clearly within the Association of Non-Medical helpers 2021 student survey, where by 82.7% who responded state that the COVID-19 Situation had negatively impacted their wellbeing*, which is directly correlated to the rate of drop out seen in some settings.

At Complete Communication, we know how important it is to have the right support system in place for students to continue their studies and see this as the core of our work. Our skilled support team check in with our students and support professionals, whilst also reviewing ILP’s on a weekly, and on occasion daily basis. Through doing so, we can make recommendations, signpost students to appropriate support systems and make suitable referrals to services.

Support students’ post-education

Ensuring support develops people during their studies to enable them to be ready for the working world is of fundamental importance. Following university, some students may require some additional support within the workplace, such as equipment or support, such as notetakers or BSL/English Interpreters.

At Complete Communication, we have years of experience in support students in the transition into the workplace. We can support students with recommendations, sign posting to appropriate services, applying for Access-To-Work (ATW) and even the provision of support once they receive their ATW Grant.

For further information, why not check out our ATW quide: 


Our students journey

Get in touch with our friendly team:

  • Once the student has received their DSA letter which states Complete Communication as their provider, they need to send this and their DSA1 Assessment report to education@completecommsltd.com or call a member of our team on 01752289776
  • Our team will then get in touch the same day to set them up on our industry leading portal and introduce them to their dedicated support team contact.
  • They will be sent a copy of our welcome pack electronically, which provides them with information about:
    • How to best work with us
    • How we will support them to achieve their best
    • How their data will be processed relating to GDPR
    • We will also ask for gain some vital information to enable us to tailor the support to the students’ needs, such as days and times or support, requirements of support etc.


  • Once the session has taken place, the support worker will send a timesheet via our online portal and students will receive an email via bookings@completecommsltd.com to log into the portal.
  • Once logged in students can review, approve/reject and sign online.  
  • All timesheets and individual learning Plans are stored securely on the portal and can be accessed via the student 24/7/365.

Matching you to one of our skilled support professionals

  • Once all the above information is collected and our skilled support team contact feel that they have a strong understanding of the student’s needs, they will then match the student with a skilled support professional.
  • Our team will then make the introductions between the student and the support professional either by phone, email, or a virtual meeting.


  • Based on the type of support being received, the sessions will either be added to our portal by our support team or added by the support professional supporting the student. Once added, the student will receive an email confirming the date, time, type of support and support professional’s name.
  • Students will be able to log into their individual portal and see all sessions that have occurred and those that are planned. 
  • Students can also talk via our live chatting system to a member of our support team.

Budget management

  • Our industry leading online portal manages the students allocated budget and it also monitored by our Client Experience Co-ordinator on a weekly basis.
  • For support funded by education settings, our Client Experience Co-ordinator will provide weekly, monthly, and yearly budget reports.

Want to speak to our team about how we can support you or your students?

Some of our amazing clients include

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