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Speech-to-Text-Reporters (STTR)

A Speech-to-Text-Reporter (STTR), sometimes called a Palantypist or Stenographer,  is a person who is trained to listen to what is being said and simultaneously convert this to text on a screen. This can be a large screen at an event, a laptop screen, or several smaller screens around a room.

An STTR enables a deaf or hard of hearing person to follow exactly what is being said and to participate fully. This means there are no gaps to fill in, or guesswork and every word spoken is there to be seen on the screen.

The STTR uses a special keyboard to type a verbatim account of what is being said in real-time for users to read, meaning that the service we provide is discreet and straight forward to use.

All of our STTR’s are highly experienced and registered with the National Register for Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Disabled people (NRCPD). They are all also members of the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters and/or the Association of Verbatim Speech-to-Text Reporters and many hold additional memberships.

Our services

Onsite/Face-to-Face STTR

Our Speech to Text Reporters can attend your event to provide verbatim text to be displayed in a scrolling format on large screens, laptops or tablets. 

Our STTR’s can work on a one-to-one basis, as well as part of a larger access provision for conferences and public events, whereby the live verbatim text can be projected on a screen to make your event accessible to all.

They can work with people in many different situations, such as in work meetings, medical appointments, interviews and education settings. 

Remote STTR

The world that we are living in is slowly moving more and more online and we are able to ensure that you can keep up with it. With our remote STTR provision, we are here to support you within your employment, education and personal life to access events and services.

We are able to be flexible and will tailor our service to meet your needs. Whether you are within the UK or abroad, hosting a post-show talk, hosting a planned or impromptu meeting, we are ready to support you.

By simply connecting via a smart device that has internet connection, such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or even a projected screen.

Some of our amazing clients include

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