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At Complete Communication, we are passionate about providing a high-quality, wrap-around service to our clients. 

We pride ourselves on being a company that supports their clients from baseline, and then continues to provide support throughout  their journey – whether that be within higher education or the workplace. One way we achieve this is through the provision of Diagnostic Assessments. 

We work directly with organisations such as Higher Education Institutions to ensure that they can fully support individuals in a way that is tailored to meet their needs, whilst also ensuring that reasonable adjustments can be made. 

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Our assessors are trained to a high level and are knowledgeable on specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD and how Individuals need to be supported to overcome barriers they may face as a result of this. They offer a safe space with no judgement, to ensure all individuals feel comfortable discussing what could be a difficult topic for them.

For individuals who have not received a formal diagnosis, we appreciate this may be a difficult topic to process – therefore, our team are contactable and able to offer advice throughout the screening process. 

What is a Diagnostic Assessment?

If you have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD), it may be beneficial to request a diagnostic assessment.  The assessment will provide you with a detailed picture of how you process information, identifying your strengths and maybe areas of difficulty. This then allows for the organisation to which you are linked to have a greater in-depth understanding of how to best support you going forward and what reasonable adjustments need to be implemented. Whether you are a student studying within educational settings or are an employee in the workplace – an assessment can provide clarity and ensure tools are put in place to allow you to excel and break down barriers truly. 

Assessments can take place both face-to-face or remotely, depending on what feels more comfortable for you. You can be assured that you will receive a service from a high-quality and experienced assessor. 

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To further ensure a quality service, we work with assessors registered with professional membership bodies such as PATOSS or AMBDA. This means that your assessor will be completing continuous training and have the most up-to-date information to provide you with the service you deserve. 

What will an assessment include?

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Throughout the assessment, your assessor will examine how your brain processes information. It is important to note this is not linked to intelligence – it is simply looking at the way that you think about, process and learn information. 

It will look at your cognitive abilities, including verbal skills and perception, as well as literacy skills, whilst also considering external factors that could influence how you learn, such as emotional factors. 

Remember, the assessment is not a test! There are no right or wrong answers; it is a friendly discussion, and you will be supported throughout. 

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Following this, you will receive a comprehensive written report created by your assessor, which will provide you with a diagnostic outcome, a detailed overview of your strengths and challenges, and recommendations for next steps and further support. All reports will be written in a clear and accessible format to ensure they are easily understood.

Booking an Assessment – What the Journey Looks Like

Choose your assessment method

Many of our clients prefer receiving their assessments remotely from the comfort of their homes. This can often feel more comfortable for them and means they don’t have to leave the house! We can quickly set up this and have many assessors on hand to provide this for you. 

However, we are aware that this is not everybody’s preference. We have assessors in various locations across the UK, so should you decide an in-person assessment would be more suited to you, please get in touch with us, and we can discuss an appropriate location that is convenient to you, whether that be close to your home, university, or workplace. 

Our assessors can assess any disability or specific learning difficulty and demonstrate assistive technology and support options. Please contact if you have any access requirements or general questions, and a team member will do their best to explain everything to you.

Book your assessment

Now, you can book your assessment! Please get in touch using one of the methods below, and a team member can help organise a convenient time for you to attend. Once you have booked a time, our admin team will send a pre-assessment form for you to complete before your assessment.

Phone: 01752 289 776
Text: 07714 013 500
Email: assessments@completecommsltd.com

Send us your documents

Once you have made initial contact, we will send you a document requiring you to provide us with some basic information including contact details, disability information, etc. The sooner this is returned, the quicker we can book your assessment. 

Attend your assessment

All you do now is bring yourself along!

The assessment will be a friendly informal discussion with your assessor, lasting about 1.5 – 2 hours on average (but can be longer). During your assessment, the assessor can answer any questions you have about the process as a whole and recommend support you could receive.  

You have nothing to be worried about, as all our assessors are friendly and welcoming. We look forward to meeting you!

Receiving your report

Your assessor has up to 14 days to write the report based on your assessment. The report will outline your diagnostic outcome, strengths and challenges, recommendations, and next steps.

This can then be shared with your institution to ensure reasonable adjustments can be made, and the appropriate support can be put in place.

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Are you looking for a provider of high-quality diagnostic assessments for your students, clients, or employees? With a quick turnaround, we can offer this as a one-off service or a regular provision. 

It is essential for organisations and institutions to have this as a service offering to ensure they are not only ensuring they are appropriately supporting individuals but also ensuring they can implement strategies that allow them to perform to their best potential.

Differences in the way people learn should be noticed. We must empower individuals and promote an inclusive culture amongst organisations across the UK. 

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