Professional Supervision

Supervision gives you the opportunity to:

  • A designated time to focus on yourself and reflect on your practice¬†
  • Develop yourself as a professional and deliver a high standard of service for your clients
  • Recognise your personal and professional strengths
  • Identify areas for development
  • Explore your responses to work
  • Help you provide a better service to clients
  • Recognise your personal and professional strengths
  • Identify areas for development
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  • Explore your personal responses to work
  • Increase your confidence in your skills and competence
  • Validate your practice
  • Gain feedback and guidance
  • Discuss work-related issues in confidence
  • Consider the impact the work has on you and your life
  • Counts towards CPD requirements

Supervision is available

The majority of communication professionals and allied health care professionals work as freelance practitioners, which can feel isolating at times, leaving little opportunity to talk about their work and the challenges that may come up. At times, working within the helping professions can take its toll on our emotional and physical well-being.

Professional Supervision is an opportunity for supervisees to explore, discuss and reflect upon the issues, emotions and dilemmas that can arise from our day-to-day practices in a confidential and non-judgmental space. Through regular supervision, you will be able to examine and be supported to manage your personal and professional responses to dilemmas, work on building resilience and develop a toolbox of skills to enable you to continue your working practice without burnout.

Through having regular supervision sessions, a supervisory relationship with the foundation of trust and reflection can be created, allowing you the opportunity to explore your working practices. Sessions are usually around 50 minutes in length and occur on a monthly or 6-weekly basis; however, these can be tailored to your needs.

Face-to-face, remote and group supervision

Daryl has worked as a communication professional for over ten years, starting as a Communication Support Worker, then qualifying as BSL/English Interpreter, Electronic notetaker and Lipspeaker. He is passionate about ensuring his clients have full access to any services they need and feel like a valued member of their community has been my driving force.

Having worked within the helping profession previously, professional supervision’s importance and benefits have been consistent throughout his working life to grow him as a professional. The importance of this led him to complete a Diploma in Professional Supervision with the Iron Mill, specialising in communication professionals, such as Lipspeakers, Notetakers, Sign Language Interpreters and Allied Healthcare Professionals.

Supervision allows you to focus on your work practice in a confidential, non-judgmental, open and honest space, in a mutually respectful professional manner. This dedicated time to reflect on any decisions you have made and discuss any issues, emotions and dilemmas that may arise from this.

An initial consultation is offered free of charge to discuss what you would like to gain from supervision and how we can also work together. Daryl is based in Devon, and sessions can be delivered face-to-face or remotely.


Trish Wright

“I can recommend Daryl. I have taken part in some sessions and it is very worthwhile doing.”

Some of our amazing clients

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