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Access to the Arts

At Complete Communication, we have a strong commitment to providing exceptional access services to events for deaf and disabled communities. Enabling their active participation in cultural events is at the heart of everything we do.

We maintain close collaboration and communication with our partners and service providers to enhance inclusivity and accessibility across the board.

Over the past four years, our dedicated efforts have revolved around making theatre, talks, festivals, and events accessible through BSL/English-interpreted and captioned performances. We directly engage with theatres and event organisers, striving to create a truly inclusive experience for all.


BSL/English Interpreting

What is it?

BSL/English Interpreting is a live translation in which speakers’ or actors’ words are translated into BSL as they speak to make events accessible to those who require it. 

Who can benefit from BSL/English interpreting?

Many different audiences can benefit from BSL/English-interpreted performances. Within the deaf community, BSL is many people’s first language, so having a performance interpreted means that they can access the magic of theatre in the same way as hearing people. 

For the wider audience, BSL/English Interpreted performances also allow them to further connect to the emotions of the performances. Our interpreters display the emotion within the script, actions and music, which can further the connection between the characters and the audience.

Working with us

Our team

Through engaging with us, we can assure you that you will be working with trained interpreters who have a wealth of experience and are passionate about access. Our interpreters are part of a strong in-house team who are supervised by an experienced access specialist, who ensures that each performance/event interpreted meets our high-quality standards.


Once a performance has been confirmed, our experienced team will work with you to raise awareness of your upcoming accessible performances/events via our social media outlets and our network; this is something we include within our service.

We are able to interpret









Our services

How it works:

A member of our team will discuss with you what would be the best provision to meet the needs of your clients and create an accessible event. Once confirmed, our team will:

Our team collaborates with you to determine the best provisions for your clients. Once confirmed, our interpreters will visit the venue in advance to familiarise themselves with the location and advise the best position for the interpreter to stand. 

We will request a copy of the script/copies of speeches and a recording of the show in advance of the performance, where available (This allows us to familiarise ourselves with the pace of the show).

Our team will create a digital BSL leaflet that contains information about the show, its characters, and storyline, along with dates, pricing, and how to book. This can then be used on both your and our social media platforms to help market performances.

Our interpreters will then watch the show to aid their preparation and ensure they embody the true essence of the show.

On the day of the event, the interpreter will arrive with plenty of time to set up and prepare for the performance, meet the cast, and offer advice.

We will work with the event organiser to engage with attendees and the local deaf community to gain an insight into the interpreted performance and overall access to provision. 

Our effective package ensures that the era of working with multiple companies to coordinate BSL interpreting services is now behind us. Our bespoke packages guarantee that you simply need to contact one of the team members at Complete Communication LTD to arrange your BSL interpreting services, saving you time while ensuring full accessibility for your event. Our objective is to create a seamless process and deliver a high-quality service from beginning to end.

Furthermore, in addition to facilitating the smooth arrangement of BSL interpreting services, we will also collaborate with you to promote your event by raising awareness among our existing clients about accessible events and shows. We will promote event details through our website and social media channels, ensuring maximum exposure and visibility.

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