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Student Support

At Complete Communication, student support is at the core of everything we do. We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service to each student to ensure the support meets their individual needs, so they are able to achieve in their learning outcomes as part of their apprenticeship.

We provide high quality support workers to students with disabilities, health conditions or additional learning needs nationwide. 

We provide support all over the United Kingdom, with students as far down as Penzance and as far up as Edinburgh.

Our students can expect to receive:

 An experienced apprentice learning support provider

 Streamlined registration

 Tailored and adaptable support

 Student portal/app and electronic timesheets

 Quick allocation of support

 Knowledgeable, helpful and experienced support team

 Student led support and allocation

 Highly skilled support professionals

 Flexible face-to-face, remote support and out-of-hours support

How is Apprentice Learning Support funded?

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) provides funding for additional, excess and exceptional learning support to help apprentices with learning difficulties and disabilities including:

• Diagnosed disability or long term illness
• Mental health condition
• Specific learning difficulties
• Autistic spectrum conditions

A provider can claim learning support at a fixed monthly rate of £150 through the Individualised Learned Record (IL). If the cost of providing support to an apprentice exceeds this, then the excess can be claimed through the Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS).

Learning Support should be claimed by a provider to meet the costs of putting in place a reasonable adjustment as part of the Equality Act 2010.

Why partner with a specialist provider?

By partnering with a specialist provider, like Complete Communication, you can be confident in receiving a complete end-to-end support service that not only benefits your apprentice learners’ needs, but also assists you in ensuring the correct evidence is in place to meet requirements for funding submissions and OFSTED.

What additional government funding is available?

Funding in the form of additional, excess and exceptional Learning Support is available to support apprentices whilst completing their apprenticeship.

Increased success and retention of learners

Through offering one to one support you are actively removing any barriers or stigma perceived to entering and thriving as part of the apprenticeship, which will enable the apprentice to be able to actively engage and increase their ability to achieve the learning outcomes of the apprenticeship. The support provision increases accountability, and therefore reducing the likelihood of them dropping out of their Apprenticeship Programme. From this, apprentices can develop appropriate mechanisms for managing their time, learning and support to enable them to increase productivity and become more independent.

Tracking and monitoring performance

Our highly skilled support team are able to monitor the apprentices learning journey and provide regular updates on progress and outcomes, seasonally, weekly, termly or yearly.

Statistics from Client Satisfaction Questionnaire:

*Clients who responded to our survey and agreed or strongly agreed in July 2021


Friendly greeting staff


Receive high-quality


Our team are happy to


Meeting expectations


Appropriate for the price


Willing to tailor
our services


Confident we fill
all sessions


Staff are competent


Allocated the appropriate
support professional


Responding to queries
in a timely manner


Client’s satisfaction with us


Clients will continue
using us

  • Friendly staff 100% 100%
  • Receive high-quality service 100% 100%
  • Our team are happy to respond 100% 100%
  • Meeting expectations 100% 100%
  • Appropriate for the price 100% 100%
  • Willing to tailor our services 100% 100%
  • Confident we fill all sessions 100% 100%
  • Staff are competent 100% 100%
  • Allocated the appropriate support professional 100% 100%
  • Responding to queries in a timely manner 100% 100%
  • Client’s satisfaction with us 100% 100%
  • Clients will continue using us 90.9% 90.9%


Mathilda Warner – Fine Art Student who receives Electronic Notetaking Support

Complete Communications have provided outstanding support during my first year of my degree course. I very much look forward to working with them from September onwards when I return to college.’

Faye Bullingham - Practice Counselling and Integrative Theory Student who receives Electronic Notetaking Support

Having this support has been so good enabling me to access information. They have really tailored their support for me and i am very grateful. They are also very timely with their work. Thank you and keep up the good work.’

Natasha Stones – Access To Work Client who receives Electronic Notetaking and Speech-To-Text Reporting Support

Excellent support all across the board!’

Esther Bromley – Sport, Coaching, Health and Fitness Student who received Support from a Specialist Support Professional for Students with a Visual Impairment

‘It was a fantastic help during the course of my foundation degree. I really felt that the support professional did an amazing job, supporting me with my assignments, thank you!!’

Matt Sutton – Early Childhood Studies Student who receives Electronic Notetaking Support and support from a Specialist Support Professional for Deaf Students

Above and beyond my expectations, since I first acquired receiving support in September 2019. Very commendable, and highly recommended.’

We are proud to be members of

Universities can be assured we provide:

 Highly skilled and qualified support professionals

 Comprehensive advice and support provided to assessors

 Flexible and tailored student support

 Complementary HEP Support Services

 Highly experienced and knowledgeable student support team

 A dedicated support professional portal

 A far-reaching team of support professionals across the United Kingdom

 We provide in-house accredited training, and all of our team are all qualified in at least one of the support roles we offer, meaning we work very closely with our students

Student support offered:

  • Library Support Assistant
  • Reader​
  • ​Scribe
  • Workshop/Laboratory Assistant
  • Sighted Guide
  • Proof Reader/Text Checker
  • Study Assistants
see more
  • Exam Support Worker
  • Mobility Trainer
  • Manual Notetaker
  • Specialist Notetaker (Deaf/Hard of Hearing students) including Electronic NoteTaker
  • Specialist Notetaker for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students – Respeaking
  • Specialist Notetaker (VI Students) – including Braille
  • Specialist Notetaker for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students – Speech to Text Reporter (STTR)
  • Specialist Transcription Service
  • Communication Support Worker (CSW)
  • Communication Support Worker with British Sign Language Users (CSW-BSL)
  • Lipspeakers
  • BSL/English Interpreter – Includes Interpreter for the Deaf or Deafblind People
  • Specialist Mentor – Mental Health Difficulties (MH)
  • Specialist Mentor – Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Specialist one-to-one Study skills and strategy – Specific learning disability (spLD)
  • Specialist one-to-one Study Skills and Strategy Support – Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC)
  • Assistive Technology Trainers (AST)
  • Specialist Support Professionals for Deaf Students (HI)
  • Specialist Support Professional for students with Vision Impairment (VI)
  • Specialist Support Professional for students with Multi-sensory impairment (MSI)

University Testimonials

Martyn Brown, Disability and Dyslexia Advisor at London Metropolitan University

“Complete Communications are a unique company which has provided a high-quality of BSL Interpretation and Specalist Notetaking support to our students while ensuring that the individual needs of each student are met and shaped around the requirements of them and our institution. They have worked flexibly with us to provide support both on site and remotely as required by the ever-changing national picture during Covid-19.”

Birkbeck University of London

“Birkbeck has used Complete Communication over the past year and are very happy with the quality of service that they have provided.”

Paul Guyver - Senior Disability and Dyslexia Advisor

“At London Metropolitan University our aim is to empower disabled students to fulfill their academic potential by removing barriers to learning and implementing a package of support that takes into account the needs of individuals. The team at Complete Communication Ltd has worked with a number of London Met students, providing bespoke and professional support that is consistent with our service aims. The focus on the individual is particularly appreciated, it has been a pleasure to work with Complete Communications Ltd.”

Student wellbeing

We know that University life can be an exciting and challenging at times for students in different ways. 2020-2021 has proven to bring its own challenges, with COVID-19 creating additional, unforeseen challenges which can make remaining in education and managing day-to-day life a struggle for some.

This is shown clearly within the Association of Non-Medical helpers 2021 student survey, where by 82.7% who responded state that the COVID-19 Situation had negatively impacted their wellbeing*, which is directly correlated to the rate of drop out seen in some settings.

At Complete Communication, we know how important it is to have the right support system in place for students to continue their studies and see this as the core of our work. Our skilled support team check in with our students and support professionals, whilst also reviewing ILP’s on a weekly, and on occasion daily basis. Through doing so, we can make recommendations, signpost students to appropriate support systems and make suitable referrals to services.

Support students’ post-education

Ensuring support develops people during their studies to enable them to be ready for the working world is of fundamental importance. Following university, some students may require some additional support within the workplace, such as equipment or support, such as notetakers or BSL/English Interpreters.

At Complete Communication, we have years of experience in support students in the transition into the workplace. We can support students with recommendations, sign posting to appropriate services, applying for Access-To-Work (ATW) and even the provision of support once they receive their ATW Grant.

For further information, why not check out our ATW quide: 


Step-by-step guide

Step 1 – Enrolment

During the enrolment process for an apprentice, advice and guidance will be given of the possible support available to apprentices with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDDs). 

Step 2 – Declaration and identification

An apprentice may declare upon enrolment that they need support or alternatively a support need may be identified during the apprentice’s learner journey. Professional evidence, such as a prior Education Health and Care Plan or doctor’s certificate, should support any claims for additional funding. 

Step 3 – Assessment

Book an assessment for your apprentice with a registered assessment centre. An assessor will identify the needs of your apprentice and advise on the amount and type of support that will benefit them in achieving their learning outcomes. We can advise on apprentice assessment centres local to your area. 

Step 4 – Support Allocation

Once your Apprentice has received their support allocation a referral can be made to an apprentice support provider. From this point Complete Communication can manage the entire support process and assist your Apprentice in achieving their learning outcomes. 

Step 5 – Support Delivery

Delivery of support will commence with your Apprentice being introduced to their ‘Support Consultant’. Together with their Support Consultant they will develop an Individualised Learning and Support Plan. 

Step 6 – Review and Record Progress

Your apprentices’ progress will be monitored continuously throughout the duration of their support programme.

Step 7 – Funding Claims

Excess Learning Support and Exceptional Learning Support can be claimed monthly via the Earnings Adjustment Statement (EAS) and Exceptional Learning Support Form.

Step 8 – Record Outcomes

On completion of the support outcomes will be recorded. 

Access to work (ATW)

We understand that acquiring and then maintaining a job, whether that be full time or part time, or via an apprenticeship can be difficult. Here at Complete Communication we aim to work with our clients to support them on their employment journey and provide them with a high-quality service whilst in employment.

Click below to find our more and whether you are eligible to receive this support.

Some of our amazing clients include

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