Level 3 qualified Notetakers

We pride ourselves in providing level 3 qualified Electronic and Manual Notetakers who are skilled in working with Deaf, Blind and Disabled people to enable equal access to learning, employment and services by providing notes for a wide range of clients.

We are available to assist with notetaking in:

  • Education (School, college and university)
  • Access to Work
  • Workplace
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Minute taking
  • Disciplinary meetings​
  • Training courses​​​ and more……​

We are also able to work remotely to meet the needs of your service and can provide transcription services on request. 

Electronic Notetaking

Electronic notetaking is an efficient and quick way to enable equal access to those who need it, and tailored to each client’s needs; whether it be remote, live, or emailed to the client at the end of the booking.

All notes are taken to the specific needs to the client to ensure that they are getting the most of the notes. Gaining access to information via electronic notetaker not only allows access to the majority of the information presented but also a record of events.​ 

Manual Notetaking

Like electronic notetaking, manual notetaking allows the client to have a record of the information presented during a lecture, meeting or appointment in a summarised handwritten format, rather than a transcript.

These notes can be tailored to both your’s and the event’s needs to ensure that they work best for you.​ 

Remote Notetaking

Our ​Electronic notetakers are also able to provide notetaking remotely for clients who are unable to source a face-to-face notetaker or in situations where it is not feasible to have a live notetaker. 

All we need is an internet connection, and we can work to make the whole process seamless. Our remote clients use this cost-effective and flexible service to meet their needs.

Specialist transcription services

We are also able to provide transcription services for a client for a variety of settings. You can securely send us your recording, and we will give you a quote to create a transcript.  

If you have dictations, disciplinary hearings, YouTube clips, video files, an audio file, podcasts, university lecture, interviews or a meeting that you have recorded, we can provide you with a high-quality transcription.  

We are also able to translate documents and video files from BSL into English. 

Some of our amazing clients include

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